White Sage, Palo Santo & Yerba Santa Smudging Kit
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White Sage, Palo Santo & Yerba Santa Smudging Kit

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Three popular smudging herbs in one bundle! This 3-step purification kit is ideal for cleansing your home, office or creative space.

White sage: emotional, psychic, and spiritual healing. Sage is used to prepare a space for attracting positive vibrations.

Palo Santo: Used by shamans for thousands of years, Palo Santo (“holy wood” in Spanish) is an aromatic wood used to attract positive and creativity energies, as well as promote mental clarity.

Yerba Santa:a sacred herb with an uplifting scent that is used in spiritual practices of healing, purification and love.

Wave the smoke of this smudge kit into all corners of your home to clear negative energy and purify your environment.

Bundle of 3.

Warning: Do not leave burning herbs unattended. Always use caution with open matches and flames.

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