Delivery & Returns

1. How much does shipping cost?
Express Shipping is $15.95-$20.95 Australia wide which includes a prepaid postage satchel. 

2. How do I return my dress?
Simply place your dress in the provided express post satchel and lodge at a Australia Post Outlet  by 4pm on your return date. 

3. How long before my event do I need to select a delivery date?
It is recommended to book your dress in advance to ensure you do not miss out, although we recommend that you book your delivery date 2 days before your event to ensure that your dress is delivered on time. 

4. What if I return my dress late?
Having our dresses returned on time is crucial for our service, it is your responsibility to return your dress on time! If a dress is returned late, you will be charged a daily late fee of $20 each day until the dress has been returned up to 200% of the dress RRP. If you are unable to return your dress on time, please contact us ASAP -

5. I have lost my return satchel, what do I do?
If you have lost your return satchel, it is your responsibility to send the order back to us via Express Post by the due date at your own expense. Please make sure to forward us the tracking details. Our return address is 8 Link Arcade Sunbury VIC 3429. If you need further help, please contact us at

6. What if my return date is on a weekend or a Public holiday?
That is totally fine! We just ask that you return your dress by 4pm on the following business day.