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Chakra Set Seven Stones

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Each pack contains -
7 x Natural Crystals (each crystal is round and flat for easy placement on relevant chakra point)

Amethyst (Crown) - Inspiration and harmony
Clear Quartz Crystal (Forehead) - Identity, spiritual path, conciseness and development, clarity, instinct, inner knowledge
Sodalite/Blue Lace Agate (Throat) - Communication and establishing contact
Rose Quartz (Heart) - Fulfillment, feelings and understanding
Calcite (Solar plexus) - Self-expression, fulfillment, self-confidence and development
Carnelian (Navel) - Me/You relationship, encounters and affection
Red Jasper (Root) - Fulfilling wishes, survival and procreation, energy and stamina.

These crystal sets are perfect for massage therapists, physiotherapists, non-medical practitioners or for personal use during rituals and meditation. They are also often used in beauty and wellness treatments. Specifically created for chakra clearing and balancing.

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