Kids Straw Hat & Bag Set

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Splurging has always been difficult for you. But for your precious little girl, no amount of money is too much. The Helen Straw Set is just one of those items; it’s too adorable not to have.

Think about the smile on the face of your little princess as you gift her this Helen Straw Set. The wrapping of the box containing the adorable Helen Straw set that includes a frilly straw hat and a straw purse. You wrap it up a night before thinking of the joy that this gift will bring your miracle.

As you wrap, you imagine all the moments when she will be wearing the Helen Straw Set. The way it would fit her adorable little head and how the purse will be strung around her body, making her look like the cutest caricature. You smile to yourself.

These precious moments are all that life is about.

The Helen Straw Set made from 100% grass is free size and is perfect for all kids ages 1-6. The elastic stringed hat and the adjustable straps on the bag provide comfort and flexibility all at once.