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Nit Detangle Pack - One Mini Brush & One Spray

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Mini Dream Detangler Brush
nit Detangler Spray

This is our Nit Detangle Pro Pack containing 1 x Tangled Nit Detangling Sprays (in your choice of peppermint, lavender or pomegranate) plus one Dream Detangler Brush  or our NEW MINI Dream Detangler Brush in THREE Colours. 

** Our brush design has been updated and the contrasting colour sleeve on the handle is being removed. As colours sell through this change will appear on each brush colour. Purple is the first brush colour to have this change implemented**

Tangled Hair Care Detangling Sprays nourish, conditions and detangles the hair!

With our unique blend of ingredients the spray is light weight and gentle enough to use every single day.

Suitable for ALL hair types including coloured hair and chemically treated.

Our Detangle Sprays contains a unique blend of organic, natural ingredients and nothing artificial - no parabens, no sulfates, no silicons, no alcohol, no emulsifiers and no stabilisers. 

Please follow these instructions

1. Shake well before each use (as the oils may separate). Apply 8–10 pumps to damp hair every morning.

2. Brush the hair thoroughly, then style the hair as you normally would for the day

3. Finish the style with a few light sprays for all day nourishing and conditioning. 

One bottle will last one person an average of 6–8 weeks, depending on hair length and thickness. 

Active Ingredients: Cedar Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Argan Oil, Neem Seed Oil 

Other Ingredients: Purified water

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