Salt Lamp & Bath bomb package

Salt Lamp & Bath bomb package

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Salt lamps can naturally improve air quality

In these high-tech times, the air we breathe is bombarded daily with unhealthy positive ions produced by electrical devices.  Salt lamps are said to counteract this by releasing negative ions that strike a balance in the atmosphere, bringing the air back to a more purified state.

Believed to clear the air of dust, pollen and all kinds of airborne debris, salt lamps work by drawing in airborne water molecules containing trapped contaminants.  When a salt lamp is switched on and begins to warm, the purification process kicks off by evaporating the collected moisture and releasing cleansing negative ions into the air.



2-3kg Natural Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp with Marble Base (12V – 12W)

This purchase includes –
1x Australian Standard 1.9m Electric Cord (12V DC)
1x 12Watt Bulb (12V)

Electric Cord could be Black or White colour depending on the availability.


This Salt Lamp is compliant with the current Australia Standard ‘AS 60598.2.4:2019 – Luminaires, Part 2.4: Particular requirements



Images shown are for illustration purposes.
Actual product may vary in shape, weight and colour as they are individually hand-crafted from 100% Himalayan Salt making your purchase unique.